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our mission

“To support coaches in creating the best learning environments for young people in NSW to enjoy sport and develop their whole person.

By building the confidence and capability of local coaches to deliver high quality, engaging athlete-centred sessions. 

To champion an athlete-centred approach to sports coaching in collaboration with providers of sport in NSW. ”

what we do

Through high quality, dynamic and creative coach education workshops, mentoring programmes and consulting we aim to: 

  • Collaborate with individuals, community clubs, schools and organisations to improve their learning environments

  • Support coaches in a 1-1 or group setting to establish their goals

  • Deliver easily accessible coaching workshops to help coaches to playfully discover new ideas and to challenge existing thinking

  • Encourage the sharing our ideas, our challenges and our learning with a community of coaches, officials and volunteers to better enable change in our sports

why we do it

Sports coaches, along with family and teachers are one of the most important role models in a young person’s life. We carry a huge responsibility to not only guide the traditional sporting development (technical and tactical) but also their wholistic development as a person.

Coachcraft fosters a person-centred approach to coaching. Whereby the coach empowers their athletes and challenges the skills of exploration, discovery, decision-making, creativity, adaptability, self-awareness and leadership.

Working with Coachcraft will challenge you to design and deliver creative and enjoyable sessions that meet the wholistic needs of your participants. We will explore new ways to structure coaching sessions, develop your coaching and communication skills to support athlete growth in these sessions and look at how you can involve others in your coaching context.

We treat you exactly how we should treat our athletes, with your needs at the very centre of what we do. Your goals, your environment and your challenges.

We would love to discuss how we can support you with your coaching goals, start your journey now by contacting us.