Your mentoring journey

Your mentoring journey with Coachcraft follows three simple stages. These stages provide a framework in which we work together and your needs, aims and motivations guide the process through each stage.


STAGE 1 - Initial consultation

We explore:

  • Who you are

  • Your motivations, aims and objectives

  • Your coaching roles and aspirations

  • The challenges you are facing

  • The opportunities available to work together


STAGE 2 - Observation and review of current practice

We observe:

  • What is happening in your environment

  • Your challenges and successes in action

  • Reflections on your practice

  • Prioritise your support


Stage 3 - Goal setting, action & review

We act:

  • Setting new goals

  • Collaborating in session planning, delivery and reviews

  • Experiment with new ideas

  • Provide resources

  • Establishing support network and connections

  • Review and reset goals